Not receiving email on GoDaddy email address

Hi @UpSafetySolutions,

Looks like you resolved the issue you were having. Thanks for the update.

im having this issue too @UpSafetySolutions @futuregerald - is there any guidance here? Im slightly confused - should i be adding unique cname records for each “name” and “target” go daddy specify and that would map to “name” and “value” of netlify side of things? For e.g. this would require me adding 5 cnames for autodiscover, sip, lyncdiscover etc?



Hi, @roryw10. I’m not familiar with all of those DNS record types so please do feel free to reply to add more details if there are still questions.

Here is an example record for a SIP service (which is done using the SVR record type):

I hope this example helps answer the questions about these DNS records and if not, again, please reply anytime.

ok i thought it would be easier to just post the settings, so they should all be cnames? @luke

For the short term i’m going to have to revert to the old setup as it’s kind of crucial for us email works, it would be great if we could get some feedback on how to configure this properly and then i can switch back over without any disruption!

@roryw10, I agree with your suggested plan. It may be helpful to switch the DNS provider back to the previous service. You can still add records at Netlify and then only enable our DNS again once you are certain all the required records are working correctly with our service.

There are ways to test the DNS records added to our service while using your previous service. For example, using the dig command’s @ option to pick a specific DNS server to query like so:


You would replace with an actual domain name listed in the Managed DNS settings for this domain at Netlify. This command won’t query the “official” DNS service and, instead, it will allow you to see what the records are at Netlify before you switch over to our DNS servers again. (If you leave off the the dig command will query the “offical” DNS server for the same query. This will allow you to compare the Netlify version with the other service’s records to make sure they match.)

For the records in the screenshot above, the type of DNS record to create is listed above each set of records. There are four types of DNS records which need to be created based on that screenshot. Those types are: CNAME, MX, SRV, and TXT.

I have included an annotated image which (hopefully) will clarify which type each of the records should be:

As always, please reply here if there are other questions.


ok @luke so i tried to switch out the settings as reflected with the image anotated above (super helpful) and left it around 8 hours. It does not seem to have worked though.

I tried to use googles MX checker after making the changes - all the tests cleared apart from grumbling about : DKIM is not set up, DMARC is not set up.

I’ve reverted the site to the squarespace / godaddy set up so our mail is back online now but i would much rather be using the netlify setup.

The DKIM/DMARC issues means there are likely additional TXT type records required. Here are some links to (third-party) documentation about these types of records:

Before enabling our Managed DNS (by changing your domains name servers to the Netlify controlled name servers listed in the Managed DNS settings), it is important to copy all required records to our service first.

The key here is the phrase “all required records”. Netlify doesn’t know what those are so you must create a complete list of all required records and copy them to the Managed DNS settings for this domain. To clarify, you must compile the list of “all required records”.

Once that is known, we are happy to assist with creating and verifying those records exist at Netlify, but the complete list of all required records is simply not information we have.

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@luke sorry for the delayed reply, in terms of “all required records” i understand the point conceptually if my interpretation is that the required records are on the godaddy side? I’m struggling to see how to actually compile all required records in practice? Is it the case that the records godaddy list (as in the labelled screen shot above) are incomplete? I can attempt to get in touch with godaddy directly and hopefully i can use dig to do this?

@roryw10, I recently created a topic which covers here:

There is a section titled: I did not copy my records before switching name servers and my email (or other service) stopped working? How do I fix this?!?!

That section covers ways to resolve this.

The required records may exist already at GoDaddy (or they may not). To see if they do exist there, log into your account and navigate to the DNS configuration for your domain. This should show you all the existing records.

If those records don’t exist, the provider of your email service should be able to tell you what the correct settings are.

If you don’t have an email service provider, this topic discusses how to find one:

There are both free and paid email services available from third-parties if GoDaddy doesn’t provide one.

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@luke, can you please tell me the step by step procedure, so that I can receive emails as there is some DNS problem between netlify and godaddy

@venkat041195, are you using Netlify DNS or a third-party DNS service?

If you are not using Netlify DNS, we won’t be able to assist at all as we aren’t involved with either the DNS or the email service. Both of those services are run by third-parties and you will need to contact those third-parties to get their assistance troubleshooting.

If you are using Netlify DNS, the answer will depend on what the required DNS records are. Netlify doesn’t have this information. Only your email service provider can tell you what the required DNS records are.

Once you know what the correct records are, we can help you get them configured in Netlify DNS and troubleshoot them if they are not working correctly.

We do have a “Common Issue” topic which covers this here:

The section with the heading “I did not copy my records before switching name servers and my email (or other service) stopped working. How do I fix this?” will have the most relevant information.

Once you know what the required records are, please let us know here if there are issue getting them working with Netlify DNS. Similarly, if there are other questions, please let us know.

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Great info, I followed the screenshot details luke the support engineer gave above and it worked perfectly.

So just to be clear you need to add the following records exactly all separately in Netlify Domain / DNS Settings section

CNAME add 5 records
MX add 1 record
SRV add 2 records
TXT add 2 records

10 records in total should be created inside Netlifys Domain / DNS settings section.
From the GoDaddy, email panel choose a host as “OTHER” from the dropdown list because GoDaddy does not list Netlify as a host

Add the 1st CNAME
Name: autodiscover

Add the 2nd CNAME
Name: sip

Add the 3rd CNAME
Name: lyncdiscover

Add the 4th CNAME
Name: email

Add the 5th CNAME
Name: msoid

Next let’s add the following records too

Add 1 MX record only
OK so in the value: below you need to add your domain before the

Name: @
Priority: 0

A few more dns records to go add the following

Add the 1st SRV record

Service: sip
Protocol: tls
Name: @
Priority: 100
Weight: 1
Port: 443

Add the 2nd SRV record
Service: sipfederationtls
Protocol: tcp
Name: @
Priority: 100
Weight: 1
Port: 5061

Now lets add the last two TXT records

Add the 1st TXT record
Name: @
Value: MS=ms51212392

Add the 2nd TXT record
Name: @
Value: v=spf1 -all

OK now we have added a total of 10 dns records inside Netlifys Domain / DNS settings section.
Go back into your GoDaddy’s email setup panel and click test DNS.

After the above is done, follow the onscreen GoDaddy instructions to complete your email setup.

Then you will be redirected to Microsoft Office 365 outlook login window.

Please be aware if you get an error 500 when logging into your new Office365 outlook email this is because it will take some time for the full DNS propagation to complete normally within 24-48 hours so keep checking back and try to login to your new email via the Office365 outlook panel.

I hope this information helps you as it helped me.

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Hi, @PHYTOMIX. Thank you for this detailed write up of your solution. Our support team appreciates it and I’m sure other people searching the forum for solutions will appreciate it even more than we do. :+1:

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I am also having this issue with not receiving emails

I changed my nameservers to:

I also changed the CNAME and deleted the A record in Cloudflare:

Could you please help? @luke. Thank you!

2 things:

  1. If you changed your nameservers to the ones you mentioned, you need to add the records in Netlify and not in Cloudflare.
  2. If you can let us know the domain name, we can make a more educated guess.
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Thank you, here are the domain records in Netlify:

The domain name is

I can send emails from the outlook mailbox but cannot receive them.

This has been fixed - needed the correct MX & TXT records

Please help me how to fix this problem of not receiving email. I don’t know what are these set of instructions and DNS setting.

This is the error I see on my dashboard how do I proceed from here?

Hi @marissa29897 and welcome to the community! :partying_face:

This support guide walks through how to setup DNS records required for email service if you’re using Netlify DNS: [Support Guide] How can I receive emails on my domain?