Not receiving email on GoDaddy email address

@venkat041195, are you using Netlify DNS or a third-party DNS service?

If you are not using Netlify DNS, we won’t be able to assist at all as we aren’t involved with either the DNS or the email service. Both of those services are run by third-parties and you will need to contact those third-parties to get their assistance troubleshooting.

If you are using Netlify DNS, the answer will depend on what the required DNS records are. Netlify doesn’t have this information. Only your email service provider can tell you what the required DNS records are.

Once you know what the correct records are, we can help you get them configured in Netlify DNS and troubleshoot them if they are not working correctly.

We do have a “Common Issue” topic which covers this here:

The section with the heading “I did not copy my records before switching name servers and my email (or other service) stopped working. How do I fix this?” will have the most relevant information.

Once you know what the required records are, please let us know here if there are issue getting them working with Netlify DNS. Similarly, if there are other questions, please let us know.

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