Not able to deploy Python script on netlify functions


I wish to deploy my node js application on Netlify, inside which I have called a python script.

I have used netlify functions to deploy my node js application. While other endpoints work perfectly fine.
I am not able to execute the endpoint which calls the python script. It crashes with Error - spawn python ENOENT
I have used 2 methods to run python script 1. using child_process 2. using python-shell , both run on my local , but i am not able to deploy it over netlify, I get the following error message

I tried implementing the script on node js and it is working on my local. But it does not deploy on Netlify.

const express = require("express");
const serverless = require("serverless-http");
const cors = require("cors");
const spawn = require("child_process").spawn;

const app = express();
    origin: "*",

const router = express.Router();

router.get("/script", (req, res) => {
  var dataToSend;
  var childPython = spawn("python", [""]);

  childPython.stdout.on("data", (data) => {
    console.log("Pipe data from python script ...");
    dataToSend = data.toString();
  childPython.on("close", (code) => {
    console.log(`child process close all stdio with code ${code}`);

  // res.json({ hello: "hi" });

router.get("/about", (req, res) => {
  res.json({ hello: "hi" });

app.use("/.netlify/functions/python", router);

module.exports.handler = serverless(app);

As per the functions documentation, python isn’t a language supported. Only Type-/JavaScript and Go.