Node v8.17 used during Xenial build?


I’m trying to deploy a Gatsby site with Netlify. The build is currently failing, and I believe it’s because Netlify is using node v8.17. I’ve changed my build image selection to Xenial, which I thought was v10 by default. Does anyone know what I can do to use v10?

This is an older project, so I’m wondering if there’s a hidden setting I missed somewhere where I’m telling Netlify to use v8.17.


You might have an .npmrc file in your repo. At Netlify, there are several ways to control which version of node is used. There is more about this here:

Do .npmrc or .node-version exist in this repo? Or is NODE_VERSION defined in netlify.toml or the site settings?

These are the first places I would check.

If this doesn’t help to track down the source or if there are other questions about this site’s builds, would you please send us a link to an affected deploy in the user interface at Netlify?

Hi Luke. Thanks for the reply. I didn’t see either of those in my code.

Affected deploy I let run:
Affected deploy I cancelled early when seeing the node version:


Hi, @jsam. I’m not seeing the node version defined anywhere.

Would you please try setting the NODE_VERSION environment variable here?

If that doesn’t change the the node version used, please let us know.