No such file or directory, open '/opt/build/repo/package.json' issue

So I’ve spent many hours now trying to deploy my angular application but without any success.

angular.json / package.json / buildsettings

I have removed dist from gitignore and added a netlify.toml file without any success.

and here is my git repo as well…

Apparently I was in the wrong folder at the very end…

Indeed @Mulelr, it appears the base directory was not correctly set. Have you succeeded in correcting this issue and deploying?

Yes after changing to correct path and leaving build command empty for some reason :dizzy_face:

As there is already a dist/FredrikMollerDev directory inside FredrikMollerDev which it appears you are deploying, there is no need for a build command.

If you want Netlify to do the building, based on what I see in the repository, you would set the base directory to FredrikMollerDev, build command to npm run build and the publish directory to dist/FredrikMollerDev as this matches the outputPath set in the project’s angular.json.