Nextjs cannot fetch data from api after successful deployment

Hi there,

We just deployed a Nextjs “^13.2.4” app successfully but suddenly all pages using getServerSideProps do not work and throw the error Internal Server Error. I did not update anything except the CSS classname. Just after the deployment the fetch no longer works. I reversed the previous deployment with everything the same then everything worked. Can you help us to check how to resolve it?

Thank you

Netlify site name: statuesque-lily-606813

Hi @Phu_Ha_nguyen, if possible can you share a code snippet of the line where the fetch request is made in the getServerSideProps.

Hi @Phu_Ha_nguyen,

Could you also try updating to the latest version of the Netlify Next.js runtime: latest version is 4.41.3 to see if that helps.

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