NextJS build fails when deploying to netlify

Site Name: quizzical-elion-30a5c9

Here is a screenshot of the build log error :

Not sure why this is happening. I do not have any errors on my local machine. I am using the default deploy settings provided by netlify, although I did try other deploys using npm run build instead of next build, but got the same errors.

It seems to be erroring on a ', but I am not sure. I have checked my code again and again and I do not see any syntax errors on my end.

Any ideas ?

hey there,

it may be that our linux based systems (that run Netlify) handle special chars like ' differently than the machine you are working on - or you may have different settings locally.

i strongly recommend that you find a way to replace ' with something that doesn’t cause problems - maybe it is as simple as "?