Buidling using NextJS command failed


I am having an issue with building a site using Netlify and NextJS.

When I run the solution locally it works no problem, however when I get to the Netlify side it all starts to go wrong.

The site I am building for is elucid.netlify.app.

I am using github to pull the code into Netlify and then executing the same commands locally in Netlify.

It initializes fine and then we start to hit an issue with the build

The error message doesn’t give me much help and I have been wrecking my head now on how to resolve this.

Has anyone any advice or can help with this issue?


Hi @paulmcgann,

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear about the issue, could you provide us a link to the deploy log or provide the site name (example sitename.netlify.app)? That will allow us to take a closer look into this issue.

Hi @Melvin,

I am not sure I can get a link to the build log is this maybe it Netlify App, however the site name is ‘elucid.netlify.app’.



Looks like you’ve deleted the deploy.

Hi @hrishikesh and @Melvin

Sorry that was me just keeping the history clean.

Here is a new link Netlify App.



Hi @paulmcgann,

Thanks for providing a link to the deploy.

Are you able to build locally? Generally a Command failed with exit code 137 is a memory issue.

This Support Guide is your best path to address by changing your builds/config: