NexJs and getServerSideProps

NextJS project, pages routing
Until yesterday, all the deployments of the project were working.

But since yesterday, some pages have been giving the 500 Internal server error.
Namely, those that use the getServerSideProps function, which calls the serverSideTranslations function from the next-i18next library.

The next-i18next library has not been updated.

Only today I discovered where it breaks - and immediately updated next, i18next. But nothing helps.

Everything works fine locally
The Netlify CLI build works well too

As soon as it is built on app.netlify is breaking down.
There are examples: - I deleted serverSideTranslations on this page. - and it’s work - I left it here. and it fall

Could you tell me where to dig?
it seems that I can try to replace it with getStaticProps.
But I need to understand what happened. And could it be on your side?

I think it nextjs issue.
Thank you.
I don’t now can i add link but i can past decision:

Removing the ‘^’ of the next-version worked for me.
"next": "^13.5.3", "next-i18next": "^14.0.3", "i18next": "^23.5.1", "react-i18next": "^13.2.2"
"next": "13.5.3", "next-i18next": "^14.0.3", "i18next": "^23.5.1", "react-i18next": "^13.2.2"