New Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa Build Image

We are pleased to announce the Beta release of our new Build Image v4.0.0 based on Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa . To opt-in, navigate to the site-level Settings > Build & deploy > Build image selection, select Edit settings, and choose Ubuntu Focal 20.04 (beta) . Along with the operating system update, the new image comes with a few deprecations and upgrades, most notably:

  • deprecating all PHP versions older than 7.4 that have reached End-of-Life
  • upgrading the default Ruby version to 2.7.2
  • upgrading the default Yarn version to 1.22.10
  • upgrading the default Hugo version to 0.82.0
  • upgrading Pandoc to 2.13
  • upgrading Wkhtmltopdf to 0.12.6-1

For a complete list of changes, please visit our CHANGELOG.

Xenial will continue to be our default image for the time being, and will also continue to be available for manual tests under 3.x version releases in the build image repository.

We are looking forward to your feedback!


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Updating here to say that the Focal image graduated from beta on August 17. That means that all new sites now use that image by default.

If you have an existing site on one of our older build images, you can follow this guide to update your image and troubleshoot any issues you might run into along the way:

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