New site from old Stackbit repo not working/no Netlify hosting possible

I believe my old site from Stackbit was not transferred correctly somehow.

Having created a new site from the same github repo (“Nora Beyer 2024”, but no netlify site “” link available so I cannot tell you one), I get the error “Your sitemap is currently empty”, no pages and posts are recognized and listed within the menu on the left (though I can see them in the layout) and cannot turn on managed hosting. The site I want to run a functioning Netlify Create site on is, which currently runs from the now uneditable How can I get to turning off the other/uneditable netlify create site, and turning on managed hosting (as well as my custom domain) for this new project? Does the repo need some update to be usable for Netlify Create? It did say “valid repo” when building the page from that repo…

Are you sure you’ve configured your site as per the latest docs: Configuration | Netlify Create Docs

Thanks Hrishikesh! No, I am not sure of it – I don’t know how to do that, and to create this new site I did nothing other than “create from repo” from the same repo that the site ran from when it was Stackbit. If any changes had to be made since then, and there is a way to have them applied to the site, I’d very much appreciate that to prevent my site from having been automatically bricked…

I am not sure how to check for the details such a config file must contain. Can I have it generated automatically? Or where do I look up those details on the environment etc?

Thanks for following up! The details that are necessary to include in that config file would depend on the CMS or Framework you’re using.

You can find the recommended content for the stackbit.config file for each source here: Content Sources | Netlify Create Docs. Let us know if you have any questions!