New Blog post not displayed after using Gatsby and Netlify CMSg

I recently discovered Netlify CMS and how it manages content for a user.
I write articles on my site built with Gatsby.
I then went through the gatsby documentation for working with Netlify CMS.

I was able to connect my repository with the CMS.

When I write new posts on the CMS, it as expected creates a pull request on the repo and also merges it on publishing.

The issue now is that after deployment, the new post is not displayed on the domain given by netlify.

I would really need help on how to go about this. Thanks in advance

hi @dillionmegida - can you provide your netlify instance name please?

If I understand you, you mean,

Thanks, yes, that was what we were looking for.

As far as I can tell, this commit:

caused this deploy:

Led to the post shown at the top of this page:

for the deploy associated with that commit:


So that all seems to be working correctly to me.

I guess you made some changes and got things working? What did the problem turn out to be?