Netliy deploy command not working on ci but works locally

Command not working from GitHub runner:

Command working from local machine:

I’m copypasting the same command with inline keys, so I’m not sure what’s going on :thinking:

The Netlify github action deploy does work but I need to change the working directory (which is not supported), so it is not a matter of the runner not having access to Netilfy’s server.

This looks like an issue where the CLI running at GitHub doesn’t have access to the account. In other words, it looks like auth token isn’t configured properly for the GitHub action. What steps did you take to add the auth token to the action environment?

I found the reason; it needs, besides the public and .netlify folders, the .git folder.
It seems it looks for the remote or something. Not very intuitive I think, but oh well.

thanks for coming back and sharing your solution! This will help other folks who stumble upon this thread in the future.