NetlifyCMS is slow after upgrade

We have a large CMS configuration with over 30000 lines of config for one of our websites. This is a self hosted NetlifyCMS instance.

After upgading to the latest version, the CMS is loading slowly. I think this has to do with the newly introduced configuration check. Like the upgrade forced us to clean up the configuration file but since then it is also loading very slowly.

Is there anybody in this forum who could have a look at our setup against a payment to figure out if there are ways to fix this? Please DM me.


Hello @laurent
Just wanted to find out if you have resolved the problem or the problem still persists?


Hi there! Thanks for your interest in Netlify CMS. Looks like you posted your question a little while ago, but that you haven’t received a solution yet. Here’s where you might get more help: - the site houses our extensive documentation that likely contains helpful information to get you back on track.

netlify cms slack - join our friendly slack channel and chat with other cms pros to get the help you need.

GitHub Issues - think you’ve found a bug, or would like to make a feature request? Make your voice heard here. Netlify CMS is open source - PRs and other contributions are also welcome!

Stack Overflow Check StackOverflow for questions tagged “Netlify CMS” if you don’t get an answer in the Slack or the GH issues. StackOverflow reaches a worldwide audience of knowledgeable people.

Your question will be left open here for anyone to comment - but we encourage you to check out the above resources if you are still looking for a solution!

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