How can I improve my website's loading speed on Netlify?

Hello there,

I have recently deployed my website on Netlify, and while everything seems to be working fine, I am concerned about the loading speed. I have run some tests, and it appears that my website is loading slower than I would like.

I have already optimized my images and minimized my CSS and JavaScript files. I’m also using lazy loading for images and have enabled GZIP compression. Despite these efforts, the loading speed is not as fast as I would expect.

Also, I have gone through this post: which definitely helped me out a lot.

Could you please suggest some additional steps or best practices that I can implement to improve the loading speed of my website on Netlify? Are there any specific settings or configurations within Netlify that I should consider tweaking?

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.

Could you share your site name?