Netlify using .htaccess file?

My website originated from an apache server and when I was using the server for my website (til I knew about Netlify and GitLab/GitHub! Thanks Static Site Generators and git!) I had used the .htaccess file to control my redirects and how my urls were written and displayed in the browser, so my main question here is this. Does Netlify use the .htaccess file or does it mainly use the netlify.toml file instead of the .htaccess file now

hi @CalebOWolf - you’ll want to use redirects for controlling how your URLs work/display. Here are some starting places in the docs!

Access control specific


There are a lot of answered questions here in the #topics:redirects category also, which will provide a great starting point for both how to do and also troubleshooting. If you hit a major roadblock you can’t fix yourself, go ahead and pop another post :slight_smile:

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