Deny access file

I need help, I use netlify hosting for the sites but I would like to deny access to images from others, there is no .htaccess file on netlify so I can’t do it because it is static hosting. Is there a way to block access to my website files with netlify? if so how? thank you.
I would like to prevent access to folders

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I have one of two options that might help you as I’m not totally sure if this is what you’re asking.

We have a support guide that covers access control over your Netlify sites. [Support Guide] Access control options for your Netlify sites

You can also use a password protection which allows you to lock all or select parts of your site with a password. Password protection | Netlify Docs

I hope this helps.

Hi, I solved it, I created the _redirects file and set that when someone wants to access the folder, it is redirected to an HTTP 404

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