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Is there a Netlify Slack Community where customers can connect with each other and get real time help from each other and also the Netlify Support staff? That would be immensely useful.

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Hi there! Thanks for weighing in. Slack channels can have some advantages - but the big concern that we see with something realtime lack slack or gitter is that hey don’t offer great searchability.

When we were considering which support services to offer for Netlify, we decided to rule out anything that forced a high level of knowledge churn, which is inevitable for platforms like slack. The awesome thing about this community is that there are on here 24x7, but we also have an amazing knowledge-base-type situation.

Edited to add: customers who are member of business level teams do get dedicated access to our support access via slack - if this is something you are interested in hearing more about, please let us know!


But https://gitter.im/ allows search engine searching

I have been crying out for your help for 18hr plus, please help me out

Wow cool project - would love to chat - I work for a container orchestration company ( name redacted out of respect for post ) - I wonder if theres any overlap in our projects or room for collab? DM me if you like talking to new people and would want to chat OneVanilla Login