Netlify serve old cached version

Hi, @oscar.carlstrom. I checked the x-nf-request-id above. We didn’t serve that response today. The x-nf-request-id of " ea969fa8-5524-4054-b9f4-039d53efbb7f-3374883" was served on 2020-08-20 at 09:20:12 UTC, which is eleven days ago.

We did serve the site version which was deploy id 5f3e3fde5701ba000882e7a5 at that time. However, that was the currently published deploy at that time as the deploy with that id above was completed at 09:19:00 UTC (about a minute before the web request).

I’m not sure why the x-nf-request-id above is eleven days old. Do you have a service worker installed locally?

I don’t see one now but there could have been one before and your local browser is therefore caching page loads. That is the only reason I can think of that you would get such an old request id.