Netlify not able to show bullet points

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When I use markdown to create documents and then build and deploy on Netlify, the bullet points can’t show up, only the content shows up.
Check my site:
The page is


The local build works well.
The system does not allow me to put more picture here.

Please help

It is working locally.

hmm… what are your build settings configured as? I recommend you debug your build first as this is likely an issue with your code. [Support Guide] Debugging Netlify site builds

I checked the build, there is no option for this.
I don’t think it is an issue with build. Basically it is about how the building tool handles the bullet points in markdown files. At least I could not find an option to change the settings. And also there is a bug tracking on github. The issue has been there over 2 years.

Any ideas?

Hey @youzhinuo , I’m wondering if you can try switching to Rich Text in the Netlify CMS editor and see if that allows you to add the bullet points? There should be a toggle in top right corner of the editing window to switch between Markdown and Rich Text.

Also, in the screenshot you shared of the bullet points working locally, those look like radio buttons instead of bullet points. Can you share a screenshot of the bullet point in the CMS UI so we can verify?

You remind me that the bullet points are not the markdown default. I finally make it working by changing things in my theme. A curious questions is:
why Netlify can’t build as local though there are some css settings, but everything is there?


Not sure… Have you downloaded your deployed files and compared them against your local files to see where the differences are? Have you eliminated local caching as a potential cause?