Netlify Node version stuck on 16

I have been upgrading websites on Netlify to Astro 4 which requires Node 18. For each of the sites I have gone into Dependency management and updated the Node version to 18. Those builds have worked fine until this particular one for If I set it to Node 18 or 20 and try to rebuild, it always installs Node 16 and fails to build.

I am at a complete loss here. Nothing I can really do?!

I had a .nvmrc in the root of my project that had v16.13.0 and Netlify was honoring that. Removed that file and added this to the package.json to be in alignment with my other projects so this doesn’t happen again.

  "engines": {
    "node": ">=18.17.0"

Also worth noting in the 102 log message lines I missed this message which would have also been helpful.

6:59:48 AM: Attempting Node.js version "v16.13.0" from .nvmrc

thanks for sharing your solution with the community!