Netlify making GET requests - undefined values

site name:

In my Header component I Link like this: <Link to={/products/worldofwarcraft} >Produts`
but when i click on the link in console the site makes a GET request to

but in console i see GET request to following:

same when i click on a product inside
URL: Boosting Service
Console: Boosting Service

I checked the network tab and saw this undefined request:

you can see here that path has the undefined value but referer has the actual value.

what is causing this in production deployment?
I dont have this issue in localhost.

This guy had a similar problem but the solution was to reupload manually which I did from the beginning:

Hi, @miroslavmihok. The solution for your site is going to be to add a redirect rule to allow all URLs to be rendered by your site’s client-side routing. There is a support guide about this here:

Just make a file named _redirects in the base directory you are deploying to Netlify. Note, that must be just _redirects and not _redirects.txt. (Some OSes hide file extensions by default which can make this sometimes hard to see.)

That file should contain only this:

/*    /index.html   200

Then redeploy the site with that file able and it should resolve the issue. If not, please let us know.

Thank you so much! I put the _redirects file inside public directory of my React App. Inside i just pasted:
/* /index.html 200
and now it works with no GET errors.

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