Deployment Problem Using React App

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The site works perfectly fine until you go to the projects page (or contact page), click on a project, then try and go back to the original netlify site. I get a message saying that the url is not found. I realize the reason why it’s not found is possibly because the path has changed? Instead of its trying to go back to mikebeaudry.netlify/Projects, which is not the path thats being deployed. I really need this site to work as well as the other paths. Any suggestions?

Hi @michaelbeaudry :wave:t2:

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I poked around your page a little bit - I think what you’re experiencing is that your site is a rich client application using client-side routing to spoof the URLs you’re “seeing” – that’s what client side routing is all about. It fetches the new page content under the hood, changes the URL in the address bar, and displays the new stuff in the page area all without ever actually changing the “page” the browser is viewing. It works great when you start from the root and move around, but, as you’re finding, it can be tricky if you try to start on one of the non-root pages.

For instance, the same behavior you’re seeing can be seen just by trying to navigate directly to (For future reference, I would strongly recommend lower case characters for page names, but that’s a tangent :grin:)

I haven’t tested this myself, and I have no idea what code base you’re using to actually source the build and the site, but try adding the following to your netlify.toml and it may resolve your issue.

  from = "/*"
  to = "/"
  status = 200

(abstracted from the docs)

Hope that helps!


Hi Jon, thanks for the response!

Sorry, pretty new to all this. How does one access this netlify.toml? I’m using visual studio code.

Also, I’ve connected my netlify to Github if that makes things more clear.

Actually no need to reply, I just added the netlify.toml file to the root of my sites repository and its working now. Thanks for the help!

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