Netlify Integration with Zapier isn't seeing new form submissions

I’ve connected Netlify and Zapier and set up the New Form Submission in Netlify trigger, but when I test the form on our site nothing happens.

I’m fairly sure everything is set up properly. When I edit the zap and test it using Find Data > Load More it easily finds the correct form submission. I’m able to run the entire zap from there with no issue.

Some notes:

  • The message shows up as a verified message within Netlfiy
  • It is forwarded to the email address defined in the Netlify Forms settings
  • The issue isn’t a zap failure; the zap is never triggered
  • Checking the Task History in Zapier shows no record of the zap being run

I think I’ve done all I can to troubleshoot this. Any help would be appreciated.

The Form:
Site Name:

Just to confirm, you’ve gone through the steps described here: That should create the necessary connections. Otherwise, I think you’ll need to contact Zapier for help in getting the netlify-zapier integration set up.

Alternatively, you can try setting up a Form Submission notification to a webhook and point it to a Webhook Zap.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for your reply, it solved my problem in a roundabout way. I’ll share here to help anyone searching in the future.

I originally connected Zapier with Netlify as shown in your link, and everything was working. After testing, I cleaned up extra form notifications in my Netlify Forms settings. I apparently deleted a necessary webhook. Reconnecting Netlify in Zapier automatically recreated the webhook and fixed everything.

The webhook seemed safe to delete since this doc from Netlify stated:

This Zapier integration will simplify integrations even further than when using code, webhooks, and API keys.

This suggested to me that the integration did not use webhooks and was safe to delete.

Ideally that page would have mentioned that it would create a webhook in your form notification settings and should not be deleted.