Netlify Image CDN Not Working on Production

Hello Community,

I’m reaching out for some support regarding an issue I’ve encountered with the Netlify Image CDN. While everything seems to be functioning correctly in my local development environment, I’m facing challenges with images not loading on my production site. This issue is specifically occurring on my blog page:

One of the images that should be displayed is located at the following URL: However, it fails to load in the production environment.

I have checked and ensured that the URLs are correct, and the images load as expected when accessed directly. Additionally, I have verified that there are no path or permission issues that could be causing this discrepancy between the development and production environments.

Could someone from the support team or the community assist me in diagnosing this issue? Any insights or suggestions on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. Below are a few details about my setup:

  • Environment: Production
  • Issue: Images served through Netlify’s Image CDN are not loading.
  • Example Page:
  • Example Image URL: Direct Link to the Image

Thank you in advance for your time and support!

Best regards, Sidati

This has nothing to do with the image CDN. There’s no file in your site for the path: /desktop-image/5gNVnFTqzUHh06ARm1iw2w/febf484dc7fb1794839291a9e96bb0a7/stock-photo-house-in-tinghir-traditional-house-of-clay-and-straw-earth-house-with-blue-steel-doors-one-door-1042781041-tran.jpeg OR /mobile-image for that matter. [Support Guide] I’ve deployed my site but I still see "Page not found”

Thanks for your response, You’re right that the image is not hosted on my site but I’m using this redirection rule that may give you more context :slight_smile:

Anyway the issue was a tiny space at the beginning of the to prop in that rule :sweat_smile:

# ======== Images redirection 
from = "/mobile-image/*"
status = 200
to = " /.netlify/images?url="