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Netlify Identity + SvelteKit + Stripe + Fauna example boilerplate

I’ve been working to pull together a baseline SaaS boilerplate that utilizes -

  • Netlify Identity for authentication
  • SvelteKit for front-end and a basic backend api
  • Stripe for subscriptions & billing
  • Fauna (GraphQL) to store user data

The earlier code-shares here have been a big help; hopefully this can help others looking to do something similar –

  • Demo Site
    • sign up and confirm as a new user
    • login / logout
    • retrieve lost password
    • update email address
    • update password
    • manage subscription & billing method
    • delete account

A few favorite parts…

1. JWT cookie-based authentication with elegant UX


2. Way to add custom Netlify functions alongside SvelteKit’s exported ‘render’ function


3. Configurable Svelte form components set, with browser-based validation

Demo, Details, Code

4. Configurable Modal & Notifications Svelte components

Modal - Demo, Code
Notifications - Demo, Code

5. Adding semantic colors into Tailwind utility classes


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