Netlify Identity + Gatsby / Next.js / CRA = react-netlify-identity-gotrue

Greetings all!

Very excited to announce the release of an open source project I’ve been building over the last couple of months - thanks in major part to some ongoing conversations here on the community from friends like @slim, @cfjedimaster, and others.

react-netlify-identity-gotrue serves as a pure-React integration to Netlify Identity, suitable for Gatsby (to which there is a dedicated plugin), Next.js, Create-React-App, or any other React-based application looking for Auth. The aim for this project was to implement all of the auth - the email confirmation workflows, the password resets, the automatic token refreshing… all of the things people don’t want to worry about :slight_smile: It just works.

Check out the demo app at and play around! Make an account, give yourself a different role, see how React… reacts to the Identity changes :stuck_out_tongue:

Or feel free to give my post a read, or any of the repositories a read. I’ve done my best to make the documentation comprehensive. Getting a full-fledged Auth package for Gatsby and Next.js out the door has been important to me in helping users get from “cool static site” to “interactive portal/interface”, so hopefully this package meets the challenge.



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Wh00t and congratualtions @jonsully

I known rom personal experience how many paths and edge case had to be covered. And I was using vanilla JavaScript :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yes indeed… many, many hours spent testing and double checking all of the behavior, routes, HTTP calls, local state, persistence, etc. Luckily I think I was able to boil everything down to a super consumable React library! Hope you can give it a try the next time you’re building a React site :grin: :netliheart: