Netlify Identity and vite-plugin-pwa Google Sign In Error

I have a Vue site built using Vite.

The site runs just fine with a deployment preview build, such as this one: Grow Now | Garden Planner, Calendar and How Tos for Beginners

But when I installed and configured “vite-plugin-pwa”: “^0.20.0” so my site could be used as a PWA, the 3rd party google login started acting weird.

For example, when going to this branch deploy that includes the PWA implementation: Grow Now | Garden Planner, Calendar and How Tos for Beginners - and trying to login via google, instead of being routed to the expected Sign in - Google Accounts… URL, it instead fires off and attempts to redirect the user to a route that I have guarded(so then the user lands back on the home page with an error message).

I do not get any errors in the console, it just fails to route the user to the google SSO flow.

Here is an example of the config object that is used to pass into VitePWA :

const manifestForPlugin = {
  registerType: 'autoUpdate',
  manifest: {
    name: 'Grow Now Garden Planner',
    short_name: 'Grow Now Garden Planner',
    description: 'Grow Now, v1.0.0',
    theme_color: '#4caf50',
    background_color: '#ffffff',
    start_url: '/',
    display: 'standalone',
    orientation: 'portrait',
    icons: [
        src: './grow-now-logo-mono.png', // path to your app's logo
        sizes: '192x192',
        type: 'image/png',
        purpose: 'any maskable'

Could this be a limitation of the Starter plan and if I upgrade to the Pro would I be able to utilize the netlify identity logic through Google with a PWA app?

I could not find an answer to this unique scenario on the forums and was hoping to get some assistance from the community or netlify in case this issue has been encountered before.


Netlify Identity will be deprecated in a few months so I won’t recommend starting off with that for new projects.

For real? I didnt see that. What is the recommended technology to swap to for login authentication?

There are various solutions available:

… more? It really depends on your specific needs and use-case.

I already use netlify identity in my prod environment, when is its end of life scheduled so I know when I need to finish the migration of users and authentication solution?

The plan is not concrete and we don’t have the dates yet. This is why we haven’t even announced it or carried out any communication. It’s just some internal info that I decided to share.

If you’re already using it, it will continue to work. We won’t take it away from existing users, but we also won’t be proving any support or bug fixes for it.

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