Netlify functions returning 500 errors

Site name: work-form-drawing-app
URL (purchased through Netlify):
Example failing endpoint:

I changed some unrelated code yesterday and deployed it to prod and from that point on all Netlify functions are returning 500 errors. These 500 errors are not coming from my functions, on my Netlify dashboard requests to the function endpoints are not registering and nothing is being logged in the Netlify functions dashboard. The functions are working fine locally with Netlify Dev.

These functions were previously working with no problems. I tried the basic example from the function docs and this returned the same 500 error.

Here is the error message in the console:

Hi @prhodes

There are a few posts around on this topic (such as Netlify function works with ntl dev, but returns 500 after ntl build, and Can Netlify Functions be manually deployed?) all seem to not have solutions. So I have run a little test.

I created a GitHub repo (GitHub - coelmay/netlify-github-functions) with the basic hello function from Netlify Playground which I deployed to

I then created an exact copy of this and deployed it to Netlify via netlify-cli to

Both versions where tested with netlify dev and both worked. However, when I deployed them the GitHub version works, but the netlify-cli version returns a 500 Error.

I generally only use netlify-cli once I have a site deployed via git first, so perhaps I have done something out of sequence.

Perhaps @perry or @luke (or others) might have something they can add, or find error in our methods.


If anyone is curious or has a deadline and needs a workaround, I recreated my 3 Netlify functions as AWS lambda functions, the syntax is basically the same (as you would expect as Netlify functions are built with AWS lambdas) so it was fairly quick to replicate the functionality over there. (The same functions are working without the 500 errors that I am getting with the Netlify functions).

Hi there, @prhodes :wave:

Thank you so much for writing in and sharing this with us. @coelmay did a great job linking all the similar threads here.

We have escalated this to our Engineers, and follow up steps and communication will be shared in this thread in efforts to streamline conversation and next steps. Please follow along there!

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention :slight_smile:

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