Netlify From - netlify function not submitting on deploy preview


I am able to get my form to work with netlify dev and in production but in deploy previews the netlify functions build fine but when I try to test the form the post to ‘/’ responds with a 303 See Other and then netlify function does not execute. Any thoughts ?

thanks !

Hi @nickcodes,

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you let us know which site you’re having this issue with? Please provide the sitename (such as Also if you could provide us the URL of the form that you’re having issues with.

Additionally, we have a Support Guide for common Form issues here:

If you could give the guide a read as it has many troubleshooting suggestions that may help.

Hi Melvin


here is the site in question

It does not seem like any of the items are related to my issue.

If there is any insight you can provide from that url let me know

It works with netlify dev and in prod fine

thanks !


Yeah I have tested the forms on multiple versions of the site and netlify functions only seem to run on production url/master branch/ deploy and netlify dev locally all the other ones do not run at all

The netlify functions deploy fine

they just never execute.

thanks !

As far as I know, the event triggered functions only work on the published deploy. You might want to try publishing a deploy to make it work.

Hi @hrishikesh thanks !

When you say published can you explain that a bit better ?

Hi, publish the deploy simply means you publish a previous atomic deploy that is still available to you.

@SamO I tried this with and the form submitted but the function call never executed so I don’t think that is the issue

Not sure if I’m checking the correct form, but for this one: Contact us: | Third and Grove (, there’s no submission triggering because the fetch gets a 303:

Redirected endpoints do not record form submissions.

Ok yeah that seems to be the issue the whole time. Its just weird that it works locally with netlify dev.