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Form Recognized, Form Payload structured correctly, but no submissions coming through

I’m having a peculiar issue with Netlify forms
You can access a testing version here: https://deploy-preview-97--colorado-siding-repair.netlify.app/home-show that doesn’t have a redirect and console logs the form payload, but the production version would be https://sales.coloradosidingrepair.com/home-show

There is another form that shares the same formSubmit() code that had been working just fine but hasn’t received a submission since Aug 31 at https://sales.coloradosidingrepair.com/pink-pig-promo

That said code would be essentially what was lifted from the Netlify form docs:

I’m at my wits end, as the form seems to be recognized by Netlify during build:

But as you can see, no submissions are being collected:

And since I’m new, I have stitched together my screenshots into one…

Is this a server-side issue?

As a follow up, I took the same code and moved it to another Netlify project and form submissions are being collected as they should. What gives?

Hi @peterwatermark,

Just to confirm, which of the 3 links from above have the form correctly working? Is it woking fine on deploy-preview and home-show?

Nevermind, I can see you’ve also opened a ticket in the helpdesk.

Hi, @peterwatermark. We have replied in support ticket # 67639. However, if you do not receive an email for that ticket number please do let us know here.