Netlify Forms Issue action html and css

Hello, i have some issue whit the custom success page.
Im just using html and css. I add the action of my form to my saludoContacto.html but dont work.
Like this:

                    <form id="my-form" method="POST" action="/contactoSaludo.html" data-netlify="true" class="formularioContacto">

I have te form in consultas.html and the succes page it would have to be contactoSaludo.html

This is how my root looks
Captura de pantalla 2022-05-03 205624

If someone have any idea please tell me.

Hey @Lautcosta

The first issue is the form is missing a name attribute e.g name="contactform".

Also check out

If you can share your site, or the entire HTML form here (rather than just a snippet) assistance is easier to provide.

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Thanks for the response, this is the web repository :

patricio_verdini/pages at master · camilamazzaro/patricio_verdini (

I will check the info that you give me ass well.

You have action="/contactoSaludo.html" but this path does not exist. The file contactoSaludo.html is inside the pages directory.

You need to submit a form to a path that exists.

Either move all the files in pages to the root of the repository (and change all links accordingly) or change action to action="/pages/contactoSaludo.html".


Bro i love you hahahah.
I had a lot of trouble thinking about this and it was such a simple thing, i thought that since they were both html in pages that was not necessary.
Thank you!

Glad everything is working now. Thanks for the great suggestions, @coelmay :netliconfetti: