Netlify Form is not working - nothing happens on submit

I’ve added Netlify Form Submission to the contact section in my website but seems it’s not working. when i submit a form from the submit button (type="submit") nothing happens.
the netlify code that i’ve added in my contact.html:

name of the Form is contact now. & my Form section in Netlify dashboard is empty.

It might be that on Line 39 you’ve got both data-netlify="true" and netlify set.

The docs state you only need one or the other.

thanks but it’s not working. i read the documentation & googled many times but i don’t know where is the problem.

Your image/screenshot doesn’t have the full <form> code. Could you copy the whole section? Or link to your git repository?


thanks! my repo was private & to share the code with you I pasted the code to the CodePile & I realized that the Google reCAPTCHA has an addition Form element! the problem is solved :slight_smile: :blue_heart:

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now the problem is, Netlify Form section doesn’t show anything. my form named “contact” is appeared but it’s empty. 0 submissions.

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Hi @Ali, welcome to the community! and thanks for jumping in @funkydan2.

@Ali, can you link to the live page where you have the form, please?

hi @futuregerald. thanks for your response & sorry for the delay.
this is my form
it reloads after submitting the form but there’s no form submission in my Netlify dashboard (No verified submissions yet).

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I wonder if your recaptcha is stopping things? Does taking it out fix things? If you want recaptcha, have a look at the docs:


@funkydan2 thanks. it worked after removing reCAPTCHA!
I wondered why Netlify Form has interference with just a non-js <div> contains Google ReCaptcha site key!

Thanks @funkydan2 for jumping in. @Ali you can use a recaptcha, and use your own account, this is detailed inour docs.