The docs say to add an environment variable, NETLIFY_EMAILS_SECRET. What is this value?

There is another variable, NETLIFY_EMAILS_PROVIDER_API_KEY, that is the key for the email service. I cannot find any explanation for NETLIFY_EMAILS_SECRET though.

@nichoth The only explanation for the value that I can see in the documentation is:

I’m interpreting it as a unique value that you assign yourself.

I had that thought also, but I got a message saying the secret didn’t match.

@nichoth And you confirmed that the secret did match?

you confirmed that the secret did match?

That’s the issue; I wasn’t sure what the secret is supposed to match with.

@nichoth I understand the base issue is that you don’t know what the value should be.

What I’m saying is, if we make the (admittedly wild) assumption that it can be set to anything, and you then received an error saying it “didn’t match”, I’d check that the value inside your function, (the one being sent to the Netlify handling - presumably coming from the environment variable), is what you at least expected it to be.

  • If you set ABC123 in your account, and saw your function wasn’t sending that, it’d be something you could adjust and check again.

  • If you set ABC123 in your account, and saw the function was sending that, you’d be able to mention that here “the documentation is unclear, I tried the only thing I could guess at, I’ve confirmed the values match, it doesn’t work”