Netlify DNS server vs creating an a record


I was wondering if it is necessary to use Netlify DNS servers, in order to use a custom domain for my

Would it be just as “valid” to create an A / AAAA record and point it to

I don’t assume any of this would have any say on how the SSL certificate you provided me with works, right?

Thanks in advance!

hi there, the post below isn’t 100% the answer to your question but it is related.

You don’t have to use Netlify DNS if you don’t want to! it is totally fine to manage your DNS somewhere else and just point it towards Netlify if that is what you prefer.

I must have missed that one.
Thank you for your quick reply (:

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no problem. keep us posted if you run into problems.

Just wondering if the automatic SSL provided by Netlify, also works if I use an external DNS provider?

Yup! Just needs to be configured correctly as described here: , and then applied in our UI. We’ll automatically start trying to get a certificate as soon as you apply the hostname in our settings, so please make sure DNS is setup before you do so (or, remove and re-add the hostname in our UI to retrigger the provisioning if it’s been >3 days between config-set-at-netlify and config-changed-at-DNS-host)

Great! It all works now. Thank you both for helping :slight_smile:

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you’re welcome! glad its working :smiley: