Netlify dev settings for a *non* framework SSG

I’ve got a static site that is not using any framework at all. It’s literally an index file, a JS file, one CSS, etc. When I run netlify dev, it seems to immediately recognize this:

No dev server detected, using simple static server

That’s good. But then it says:

◈ Setup a netlify.toml file with a [dev] section to specify your dev server settings.
◈ See docs at:
◈ Using current working directory for now...

Ok, so defaulting to the current directory is ok, but the link there goes to a page where 3 values are demonstrate for the [dev] block, command, port, and publish. What setting would I use to specify the default folder? Mainly I want to reduce any additional “noise” from the CLI.

hi! sorry we are still working on the right level of CLI output.

to silence it you can try something like


(warning i havent tested it but thats more or less what you want)

I can confirm it shut it up. I don’t have the “netlify dev” docs in front of me, but if it mentioned support/what to do/etc for NON framework static sites, it would be a good doc addition (and it could already be there, my point is - remember the folks using static sites w/o a tool like Jekyl :slight_smile:

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“vanilla” static sites are definitely always in our mind. in this case its more of a bad implementation (aka our fault) than bad design (also our fault, but more serious)

Cool. Are you allowed to comment in terms of how many people use “simple” static sites versus ones using a generator? No need to know, just curious.

erm i dont even know. all i know is we must serve both

Hey there @cfjedimaster, it’s nice to see you on another platform! We’re in beta with Netlify dev at the moment and have some big plans for smoothing out some of these kind of dev experience rough edges, particularly for static site generators such as jekyll and hugo coming up! I’ll make sure to ping you when we come through with another release to check out. :slight_smile: Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Great to hear, thanks!