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Netlify dev functions hot reload

I have a function under
netlify/functions/graphql.ts and when I edit it then netlify dev will:

◈ Building functions from directory netlify/functions
◈ Finished building functions: graphql.ts

But when I edit any files that graphql.ts indirectly depends on for example:


import Hello from "../world"


import Hi from "there"


function Hi() {
    return "there" // make edit here

then netlify dev does not seem to pick up the change and does not rebuild functions.

My tsconfig.json does includes all files (e.g. "include": ["netlify/functions/graphql.ts", "src/**/*"])

Hi there, @dphuang2 :wave:

Thanks for reaching out about this. Sorry to hear you encountered an issue with functions! Can you share your Netlify site name and function name?