Netlify Dependencies not accesible

Hello fellow humans,

So, I’ve been trying for the past days to get dependencies to work. When checking logs there are no issues, the packages get installed (atleast the npm log says so), but then once deployed the dependencies are nowhere to be found. “node_modules” goes missing.

I’m new to all of this, so I might just be doing it wrong. I don’t know what info you’ll need so please tell me and I’ll respond.

I’ve seen a couple of people complain about node_modules not appearing and they got responses that this was expected but I’m not sure if thats the solution I was looking for cause I didn’t understand it anyway…


@LarsIsHere I can’t entirely tell from your description what you’re doing.

It sounds like you’re trying to actually deploy the node_modules folder to your site?

Usually it all works like this:

  1. Your build installs the dependencies it requires to run
  2. Your build runs, and makes a bundled output that includes anything it needs for ‘runtime’
  3. The output of your build is deployed

If you provide more information about what you’re doing so that it’s clearer what’s going wrong, then it’s highly likely someone can point you in the right direction.