Netlify/Decap CMS NextJS Image Failed to persist entry TypeError CSP error

Hi anyone! I’m hooking up the Neflify/Decap CMS with a NextJS blog and ran into a “Failed to persist entry: TypeError: Failed to fetch” notification with the Image widget in association to the ContentSecurityPolicy.

Live steps:
• Log into demo/admin fine
• Write publish and deploy fine
• Upload image throws first error “persistantLocalDraftBackip TypeError”
• Refused to connect to "blob because it violates the following CSP: “connect-src”.

• Error is probably how i’ve amended the ContentSecurityPolicy in the next.config.js and possibly easy to solve (but thought i’d share with the community because i’ve ran out of time today!)

Repo here -
Demo here -
My background - UX Designer new to NextJS and taking the back-engineering approach to learn it.

Thanks for looking :smiley:

@wristtattoo If you haven’t already, you may want to reach out to the Decap Community: