Error deplying a nextjs website](
Failed to load next.config.mjs, see more info here `next.config.js` Loading Error | Next.js
my next.config.mjs
/** @type {import(‘next’).NextConfig} */
const nextConfig = {};

export default nextConfig;

@tomamal Did you read the Next documentation that the error links to?

Hi, thanks for your immediate response. Yes, I did have a look into the ref docs but I don’t find any syntax error, sine the config file is just an empty file. Sorry if I am sounding very naive…I am just a beginner trying to get a feel of things here. I am just struck , unable to proceed further

@tomamal Is the file in the correct location?

Does your build command (not your development command) work locally?

local build command worked without any errors

I’m stumped then.

I’d expect the same error in both locations (unless it was related to case sensitivity).

Are you able to provide access to the repository?

and thanks for your time…

It seems I’m fairly useless helping with this one.

The build does seem to start correctly, although I cannot see any next.config.mjs file in the repository.

The build doesn’t complete for me due to other unrelated errors.

I found that your repository is very large because you’ve inadvertently committed your .next folder.

Thanks nathan…its a learning experience…will try