Netlify CMS - Prefix for Markdown field?

Hello! I’m using Netlify CMS with Gatsby. I’m currently having the following problem: I have some markdown fields on my pages that are stored in yaml format. Netlify CMS stores markdown content as a raw text, so when Gatsby is building content it’s not aware is the field is markdown or not. Gatsby’s plugin gatsby-transformer-yaml-plus has an option to automatically transform markdown fields to html, but it requires so-called preface (prefix) for the markdown field (for example md//). So, in yaml file it should be stored as myMarkdownField: md//my text **here**. Did anybody faced this issue and how did you handle it? Or maybe you have an idea, any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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@yurist38 interesting, never heard of that option - would you mind opening a feature request on the Netlify CMS repo? The CMS doesn’t currently have a great way to accomplish that, but opening an issue is a step toward a fix.

Here’s the link: