Unable to edit text with Markdown widget (Gatsby)

I’m running into an issue where I have a set of components on my site (https://deploy-preview-13--relaxed-borg-8ac0a9.netlify.app/mission) which I want to be able to edit via the CMS. I’ve set it all up and it works. However, I am unable to add linebreaks or any other formatting to the cards. All of the markdown gets rendered as plaintext. \ for instance rather than adding a newline gets added as plaintext.

I was hoping that this was something somebody has run into before. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I found this: List of Body Markdown

And added remark and set up the value passed into my components via props so that it is parsed by remarkHTML. This has resulted in my getting html formatting within my element. However, it is still be wrapped in quotation marks and being expressed in as a string literal.


I resolved this by using this npm module

Whithin the copmonent where I was using the markdown I wrapped the prop in the ReactMarkdown component as per the example from the link.

Glad to hear you’re up and running again, and many thanks for sharing your solution here :sparkles: