Netlify CLI does not let me deploy my application

I have an ongoing issue and on another forum post I read it can be resoled by using the Netlify cli and deploying the site via the command netlify deploy --build. This, however, results in the following error:

(Netlify Build completed in 37.2s)
Deploy path: C:\Users\Me\Documents\SiteName\FolderForSite\.next
 »   TypeError: The "path" argument must be of type string or an instance of Buffer or URL. Received undefined

The commands work if I run them separately (i.e. netlify build then netlify deploy), but my site ends up being a blank page.

Are there resolutions to these issues?

We would need a reproduction about this issue - no one else is facing this issue, so it looks like something is wrong with your local configuration.

I was able to resolve this by installing a custom netlify.toml file.

Thanks for coming back and sharing your solution!