Netlify cdn cache control header is not showing up in network response

I was trying to use the netlify-cdn-cache-control header and I kept checking the network tab and I seen it was not showing up at all and I kept thinking I was doing something wrong.

I read the netlify article on Cache-tags & Purge API on Netlify and I checked the cache tag demo source code and when I ran this and checked the network tab again I see there is a Cache-Status: "Netlify Edge"; hit but no netlify-cdn-cache-control header. Is there a reason that this header does not show up in the response?

The source code for the file netlify/functions/cache-tag.ts looks like this

import type { Config } from "@netlify/functions";

export default async () => {
  const resp = await fetch(
  const json = await resp.json();
  const body = `<!doctype html><html>
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="/main.css">
        <p>The <strong>Cache-Tag</strong> header allows you to tag content across Netlify's CDN so you can invalidate it more granularly. You can define multiple comma-separated cache tags for a single asset or use multiple Cache-Tag headers on the response.
        <p>This page is tagged with <strong>"Cache-Tag: electronics,cache-tag-demo"</strong>, so you can use the <strong>electronics</strong> tag to purge only this page without affecting the rest of the content on this site, or use <strong>cache-tag-api-demo</strong> to purge all generated pages on this site.</p>
        <p>Electronic products from <a href=""></a> were fetched at <strong>${new Date()}</strong>:</p>
        <ul>${ => `<li>${item.title}</li>`).join("\n")}</ul>
        <div class="purge_buttons">
            <form action="/purge?tag=electronics" method="post">
                <button name="purge">Purge with electronics tag</button>
            <form action="/purge?tag=cache-tag-api-demo" method="post">
                <button name="purge">Purge with cache-tag-demo tag</button>
        <p><a href="/">Go back</a></p>

  return new Response(body, {
    headers: {
      "Content-Type": "text/html",
      "Cache-Tag": "electronics,cache-tag-demo",
      "Netlify-Cdn-Cache-Control": "public, s-maxage=31536000, must-revalidate", // Tell Netlify to cache the content up to 1 year
      "Cache-Control": "public, max-age=0, must-revalidate" // Tell the browser to always revalidate

export const config: Config = {
  path: "/cache-tag"

When I check the response for cache-tag it shows the following response headers:

Age:                        4
Cache-Control:        public,max-age=0,must-revalidate
Cache-Status:         "Netlify Edge"; hit
Cache-Tag:             electronics,cache-tag-demo
Content-Encoding:  br
Content-Length:      835
Content-Type:         text/html
Date:                       Mon, 20 May 2024 22:15:51 GMT
Netlify-Vary:            query
Server:                    Netlify 
Strict-Transport-Security:  max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains; preload
Vary:    Accept-Encoding
X-Content-Type-Options:  nosniff
X-Nf-Request-Id:  01HYC16J5YKHM5WTEEW9254B7P

Do you have a URL (or multiple) others can test @dbzx10299?

Yes, this is the example for cache tags and purge api that netlify provides. In the source code I have linked above the function uses the netlify-cdn-cache-control header to cache the function and it does not show up in the network response.

I noticed also that the netlify-cache-tag does not show in the response but cache-tag does show.

You’ll need to provide a URL to the site hosted on Netlify that you’re seeing this problem with for us to investigate further

I did provide the url in my previous comment but here it is as the full url:

This is a demo from netlify

This is expected. The Netlify CDN Cache Control header is stripped from the client response. What’s the use-case for seeing that header?