Netlify build error

I tried almost ten different syntax, but could not succeed.
This is my netlify.toml content:

base = “/”
publish = “/build-output”
command = “echo ‘default context’”

deploy = “/build-output”
publish = “/output”
command = “getsby build”
environment = { ACCESS_TOKEN = “super secrete”, NODE_VERSION = “12.16.1” }

And this is the last few lines of error msg while Netlify builds my site from Github:

9:27:30 AM: Build script success

9:27:30 AM: Failing build: Failed to build site

9:27:30 AM: failed during stage ‘building site’: Deploy directory ‘/build-output’ does not exist

9:27:30 AM: Finished processing build request in 1m1.646761771s
What am I doing wrong in netlify.toml file?

hi, do you have a screenshot of your build settings? i am wondering if something isn’t getting set quite correctly.

Sorry, what should understand from “build settings”, as I understand it Netlify looks at netlify.toml file on which it builds (which I have listed at the beginning of my msg). Other than that is there any other “bulild settings” somewhere in my project?
Or should I understand the whole log of the build process?
Thank you

Hi @perry,
Never mind, Netlify neither can build with netlify.toml file, nor without it, so I just build locally in minutes, and upload the public folder to Netlify in seconds, and it works fine.
Sorry for causing to spend your time and energy.

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