Netlify + BigCommerce Tutorial npm build error


I started going through this Netlify + BigCommerce tutorial and am getting the error below when running npm run build. Is the tutorial still working? How can I resolve this? Thank you.


There was an error in your GraphQL query:

  • Unknown field ‘option_values’ on type ‘[BigCommerceProductsVariants]’.

Hiya @jro,

Could you let me know what point you got to in the tutorial, and link us to your latest deploy logs? Then I can ask the author if she has any advice for us :slight_smile:

Hi @fool
Thanks for your response.

This error happened at Step 3: Deploy on Netlify, when running npm run build.

There aren’t any deploy logs because we didn’t make it far enough to deploy (that was the next command to run).

Hey @jro,
I just walked through deploying this repo on Netlify and it seems to work for me so far. Here are the commands I ran in Terminal:

$ git clone
$ cd gatsby-bigcommerce-netlify-cms-starter/
$ yarn
$ cp SAMPLE.env .env 
$ netlify link --name awesome-poitras-f00974
$ npm run build
$ netlify deploy

Is it possible that you missed the yarn step at the beginning or adding your BigCommerce credentials to the .env?

Thanks for the response @jen. Unfortunately, I’m still getting the error at npm build. Here’s another screenshot. It seems like it’s an issue with one of the bigCommerce queries.

Hey @jro,
I think you’re right that this is an issue with one of the BigCommerce queries. I should have checked the demo repo earlier, where I would’ve find this issue from late last year:

There’s a suggestion in that thread you can try, and/or you may want to chime in with a +1 in case that nudges the repo maintainers to dig into the issue further.

I can also tell you that in running through the demo a second time, I ran into some trouble with yarn.lock and package-lock.json files. To get things working again, I rm -rfed both files and did the steps I mentioned in my previous post. Could be worth a shot?