Gatsby JS Build Error: "There was an error in your GraphQL query"

I need advice to debug deploy

Howdy, looking for a little assistance on an issue I’m getting in a Gatsby build on Netlify (locally everything seems to be fine).

The build process on Netlify is stopping on:

5:55:24 PM: error #85907 GRAPHQL
5:55:24 PM: There was an error in your GraphQL query:
5:55:24 PM: - Unknown field 'blurhash' on type 'DatoCmsFileField'. Source: document `EventFragment` file: `GraphQL request`

However, that field definitely exists in the query for any element that has images (although all entries in that particular model do not have an image, see screenshot):

Is there a particular reason why this would be working fine locally but dying during the build process on Netlify? Is there some nuance to GraphQL here I’m missing that I need to account for these null enpoints with? Any assistance would be a huge help!

Hi @kory,

Hopefully, this discussion can provide you with some things to check, namely attempting a build using our build-image and checking your environment variables.

Hey @Pie,

Thanks for sharing that. I was finally able to get things cleaned up after getting my local and production environments more in sync (making sure they were both running on npm, using the same versions, et cetera). Thank you for sharing that thread!

Hey @kory,

Thank you very much for following up and I’m glad you’ve got it resolved!