Netlify API file uploads: undocumented concurrency limits

I am using the Netlify API endpoint PUT /deploys/${deployId}/files/${path} for uploading files with a concurrency of 15 as suggested by the API js-client example:

However, it seems that my account only allows a concurrency of 5, at least that’s what the header response is reporting:

    'x-concurrent-limit': [ '5' ],
    'x-concurrent-remaining': [ '0' ],
    'x-concurrent-status': [ 'checked' ],

Unfortunately, this limits leads to upload errors with error code 429. I found some documentation about rate limits, but not on concurrency limits. Furthermore, the above mentioned Netlify example code suggest a concurrency limit of 15 instead of 5. Here are my questions:

  • Can you confirm that a concurrency limit of 5 is a firm limit for file uploads?
  • Is there a way to increase this limit to e.g. 15?

Thanks a lot for looking into this issue,
– styxlab

Hey @styxlab,
You’re absolutely right about this. It is 5, and we implemented that rate limit recently because we were seeing a lot of abusive clients. We should definitely get this updated in the js-client. At this time, there’s no way to increase the limit, but we can post again here if that changes.

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Closing the loop here: we’ve updated that concurrency limit :white_check_mark:

And I misspoke when I said there was no way to get more concurrent uploads. The concurrency limit is 10 on paid plans, including the next plan level up from Starter which is Pro ($19/month). Not sure whether 5 more concurrent builds is worth that for you, but wanted to be sure to share the correct info!

Thanks again for flagging the discrepancy so we could get that fixed.