Netlify Apex-Domain Setup & Custom Domain e-Mail

Hello everyone,

I followed the official Netlify instructions on how to setup an custom Apex domain.

  • Following case: With another provider (Strato), I registered a domain named .
  • In the provider’s domain interface for `’, I set a A record ‘’, and everything seems to work.
  • The only that does not seem to work (or not anymore) are mails to No email to ‘’ seems to arrive, though this worked before the migration to Netlify (from Vercel).

I’m aware MX records need to be inserted when Netlify’s own DNS is being used via the [Nameserver] (NS) (Netlify DNS | Netlify Docs) setup in my provider. However, I did not follow this setup and hence did not change the NS records of

Hence, my question:
Do I need to make any adjustment for my mail (MX) in Netlify, when only using the Apex-domain method? (or did I simply not wait long enough, since I changed it only six hours ago?)

Hi there! This Support guide is the best place to get started with information on dealing with email on Netlify:

If you still have questions after working through this guide, we suggest you try the search, as many people have already asked questions on this topic. If still no luck, let us know and we can troubleshoot with you.

Hi Perry,

Thanks for the quick response. I have seen that, but it seems this setup is for the ‘Using Netlify DNS’ case (1) only, correct? The manual explains it is primarily for this case, but it does not explicitly mention whether any changes need to be made for the ‘Apex domain with A level pointer’ case (2). That’s why I asked more explicit, most of the mail questions seem to relate to case (1).

Hi @jermainc

This is used for configuring external DNS, not when using Netlify DNS, which as per the documentation you have previously linked to, your change your Nameservers to those specified by Netlify. Once you added your MX records you would have something like

If you are using external DNS and pointing A and CNAME records to your Netlify site, then your MX (and other) records remain with your registrar.

If you are still having issues, please provide your domain (not so others can further assist.