I need to add an A record to recieve e-mails through custom domains


My site name is evgyuru.netlify.app and my custom domain (which is registered at another provider) is www.evgyuru.hu

I also have an e-mail storage for this domain which can’t get emails now, because I need to configure the DNS records. These are the recorsd that are given to me:

**Név:** evgyuru.hu
**TTL:** 3600
**Típus:** MX
**Prioritás:** 0
**Érték:** mail.evgyuru.hu

**Név:** evgyuru.hu
**TTL:** 3600
**Típus:** MX
**Prioritás:** 20
**Érték:** mx2.postmaster.hu

**Név:** evgyuru.hu
**TTL:** 3600
**Típus:** A

But I can’t add the A type DNS record, because Netlify gives this error:
Képernyőfotó 2022-07-08 - 16.36.44

My question is, can I delete my Netlify records (my Nuxt webapp is hosted on Netlify) in order to receive emails? Or what sould I do?

Thanks for your help!

Hi there! This Support guide is the best place to get started with information on dealing with email on Netlify:

If you still have questions after working through this guide, we suggest you try the search, as many people have already asked questions on this topic. If still no luck, let us know and we can troubleshoot with you.

Thanks, but I already searched the topics and couldn’t find any answers to this specific problem. Can You Please help me?

Perry (they/them or he/him) via Netlify Support Forums <notifications@netlify.discoursemail.com> (időpont: 2022. júl. 8., P, 18:05) ezt írta:

A records shouldnt be needed for email, just MX records unless you’re self-hosting or running a hosted version of some email client you also want to access via your own domain.

Regarding on what to do, I’ve got this answer from my domain and mail storage provider:

The domain mail.evgyuru.hu is the MX record of evgyuru.hu.
Setting the 'A' record for this domain is necessary because without it
you will not have an IP address, the mailman will not know where
to deliver and the mail will still not work.

According to the attached image, the setting is not successful because
a NETLIFY record already exists for the domain.
Regarding the nominated records, please consult with the provider
of the name servers, until then it is not recommended to delete them.

What should I do? Thank you!

@httpsterio is correct, A records have nothing to do with mails. I believe, the A record needs to be set for mail subdomain and not for the apex domain.

Okay, but I already set the MX records, the emails still not delivering to the inbox… What sould I do?

I can see the records:

dig MX +short evgyuru.hu
> 20 mx2.postmaster.hu.
> 0 mail.evgyuru.hu.

This is as far as Netlify can go. If the records exist (and hopefully, if they’re correct), but you still don’t receive emails, you’d have to contact your email providers.

I still don’t recieve my e-mails. My email provider wrote the following:

The domain mail.evgyuru.hu is the MX record of evgyuru.hu. This MX record needs an A record.

In practice, other domains can also be set that point to the IP address of your hosting ( If the domain set as an MX record does not have an IP address (the A record), it will not work with mail, because the sending server will not know to whom it

What should I do now?

You can created that A record here:


However, it also appears you have done so already.

If there are other questions, please let us know.

Okay. Now it is solved.
I needed to configure it like this (the name was the problme, it must be “mail.evgyuru.hu”):