Netlify Acquires Gatsby

Hello all! :wave:t6:

Today Netlify is thrilled to announce that we have acquired Gatsby! :sparkles:

We acquired Gatsby as part of our ongoing effort to accelerate the adoption of composable architectures. Gatsby’s Valhalla Content Hub and advanced cloud technology will be a key part of pushing our vision forward!

Special thanks to everyone who’s joined us so far on the journey to re-think the way web projects are built.

Are you eager to to learn more? Check out our Press Release for more information.

If you have any questions about this acquisition please leave a response below. We are so excited to share this with our Netlify community. Good luck and happy building! :netliconfetti:


Whoa! Huge news!! Can’t wait to see where this leads :heart_eyes:


is there any hope for netlify-cms then? good news in that case :smiley:

Great acquisition, but I’m not a fan of Gatsby myself, it’s traditionally had extremely slow build times and the sites I’ve seen built with it have had messy codebases.

Much of the systems direction also seems to have been based on solving problems that it creates, like the slow build times.

I just hope this doesn’t push Netlify further and further away from static and the dream of simplicity.

I’d hate to see the Jamstack eventually meaning “JavaScript flavored PHP with more steps”, where developers start with over engineered solutions they barely understand, throw in a bunch of plugins that “group think” says are required, and then everyone spends all day swimming in their runtime 500 server errors again.

This huge news must be announced on Netlify Blog post.

crazy how much yall have grown :o

I know! It’s so exciting. We’ve come a long way and we’re only going up from here. :blush:

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